Greater Glasgow and Clyde Child & Adolescent Diabetes Service 

For Families

This section of the website is designed to be most helpful for those who attend our clinics and those who care for them.

The Diabetes Team

Who We Are:

This section introduces you to the members of the diabetes team and tells you a little about their roles within the team.

Where We Are:

We carry out clinics at various places throughout the west of Scotland.  Which is the most local for you?

How To Contact Us:

There are a number of ways to get in touch with us.  There should not be a time, day or night, when you can't get advice if you need it.  Find out how here.

HealthZone UK:

We've developed a mobile App to allow us to send updates and information to large numbers of people at once.  This gives instructions on how to download it.

Near Me:

Near Me is a secure NHS system through which we can carry out video calls with you.  This leaflet, available in a number of languages, explains how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes Clinic:

The way clinics are held has changed a lot recently - first because of Covid, and now because restrictions are relaxed.  This page explains the format of the appointments.

Insulin Pump Therapy:

Heard about insulin pumps and want to know more?  Want to know what we do in GGC?  This is the place to start.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems:

We are often asked about CGMS at clinic.  This section tries to answer some of the more common questions.

Freestyle Libre 2:

So many people ask about this, it deserves a section of its own.  This explains what it is, how to get it, and what you need to do with it once you have it.

Sharing Data With The Diabetes Team:

With all this technology, how do we all keep on top of it.  Most companies have developed ways to share an individual's results with their clinic.  Some guidance can be found here.

Food and Glucose Diaries

7-Day Food Diary:

There are times it can be helpful to write down what is being eaten as well as glucose and insulin doses.  Provided here are two versions that you can download and use.  The first is formatted as A4 sheets which you can type directly on to if you wish.

The other can be folded into an A5 booklet.  It is designed to be printed double-sided and flipped on the short edge.

Blood Glucose Diary:

Reviewing your glucose results is essential if you want to know how much insulin you should be taking.  This diary contains enough pages to last between routine clinics, Carb Ratio and Insulin Sensitivity charts, and guidance on adjusting insulin doses, managing hypos and ketones.  (This version updated July 2020)

Educational Books and Other Material

Diabetes Made Simple:

This is a brilliant little booklet to explain what diabetes is.  It's written for children but can be enjoyed by all the family.  (Provided courtesy of the JDRF)

My Health Record:

This book is the main resource the nurses will turn to when teaching a family about diabetes.  It's full of great guidance and information, and there's even a quiz at the back!  (Updated 2023)

Carb Ratio And Insulin Sensitivity Charts:

Also found in the Blood Glucose Diary and My Health Record books, this page can be printed off for easy reading of the Carb Ratio and Insulin Sensitivity charts.

Timed Overnight Urine Collections:

If you're ever asked to provide a timed overnight urine collection, this sheet gives instruction on how to do it.

Other Organisations

Glasgow Family Group:

The Family Group normally meet in the Community Room at Tesco in Silverburn, on the first Saturday of each month between 2pm and 5pm.  All are welcome.

Diabetes UK:

Diabetes UK are a leading diabetes charity.  Among other things, they campaign for the rights of people with diabetes and run camps and activities where children and families can get together.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:

The JDRF raise money to fund research into new treatments to make life better for people with diabetes.  Ultimately they hope for a day when no-one has diabetes.

Children With Diabetes UK:

Children With Diabetes UK are an advocacy group.  They also hold the Friends for Life UK weekend.

NHS GGC Diabetes MCN:

Like all Health Boards in Scotland, GGC has a Managed Clinical Network for diabetes.  Learn more about what it does here.


Runsweet is a website dedicated to providing up to date and accurate information about diabetes in sport.

Insulin Pump Guidelines:

Here you will find guidelines on managing hypos and off-pump dosing, among other things, for the Medtronic, Omnipod and Tandem pumps.

Ketone Chart For Pump Users:

This is a slightly modified chart for those using an insulin pump.

Managing Ketones And Times Of Illness:

Compiled from both My Health Record and Food For Life books, this contains everything you need to know should you become unwell or develop ketones.

Food For Life:

An extremely important part of looking after diabetes is the food we eat.  The Food For Life book is a valuable tool to help you get things right.  (Updated 2017)