Greater Glasgow and Clyde Child & Adolescent Diabetes Service 

FAQ - Sharing Data

Your glucose results are yours and you should look at them at least a few times a week, whether that's in your diary or on a PC screen.  It's only by regularly checking the numbers that you can begin to see patterns and make decisions about whether anything needs to change, such as dietary choices, injection sites or insulin doses.

The diabetes team are here to help if you need us so we also need to be able to see what you see.  With so many different glucose meters, continuous monitors and insulin pumps in use, it can be hard to keep on top of all the ways you can share these data with us.  This page gives some information on how to do so.

We only look at your results when you come to clinic or if you let us know you want our advice, either by telephone or e-mail. It is still your responsibility to look at your own results and consider what changes, if any, may be required to improve your glucose levels.

The Blood Glucose Diary

Your blood glucose diary is an excellent way of recording both glucose results and insulin doses.

It may take a little time to fill in, but if you do it every day it shouldn't take long and by doing so you can see patterns emerge as you write the numbers down.

To get the most from the diary you should enter the date, the background insulin doses, the carbs doses and any correction doses taken, as well as your glucose readings.  This picture shows a diary that has included all of this information.

Bring your diary with you every time you come to an appointment.  Some people also photograph the most recent pages and send them to us by e-mail to  If you do this, please also include in the text of your e-mail your Carb Ratios and Insulin Sensitivities, and any other relevant information.


Some people use the Glooko website to upload their glucose meters and smart insulin pens.  The Omnipod and Tandem insulin pumps should also be uploaded here, as can the Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system. Glooko used to be known as Diasend.

A great many devices are compatible with Glooko, and this list is updated frequently as new meters are brought to the market.  Some require a special cable which can be obtained from the company that makes the glucose meter.

If you use the Dexcom G6, you can link your Clarity account to Glooko.  This can be helpful because it means that if you use an Omnipod or Tandem insulin pump as well all the data can be seen in the one place without having to switch between websites.

Medtronic insulin pumps and CGMS can be uploaded to CareLink Personal.  Before you upload for the first time you should click on "How to Install Uploader" and follow the instructions.  If you have any technical problems when uploading, please contact Medtronic's Software Support Team on 01923 205167.

CareLink Personal


The application used by Dexcom CGMS is called Clarity.  To allow sharing of data, our clinic code is ukroyhosc.  You can enter this from the Clarity website.

If you use the Clarity app, you can also share by clicking on "Profile" at the bottom of the page, then click on "Manage Data Sharing" and enter the clinic code in the box.


LibreView is how you can review and examine the glucose results at home and also allows us in the diabetes team to see the data too.  This is important because we want to be able to help you in managing your glucose and we cannot do so unless we have the same information as you do.

In order to share your CareLink Personal data with the diabetes team we need you to provide us with your username and password so that we can set up a link to our "clinic" version of CareLink.

Visit the LibreView website to upload results from the FreeStyle Libre.  If you use the mobile app, data will automatically be uploaded to it but you need to connect the scanner that comes with the starter pack to a PC in order to upload the data from it.

Use the guides on the right for Reader or App for instructions on how to set up sharing.  Our clinic code is:


You should now see our clinic name appear on the list.  Alternatively you can ask us to send you an e-mail invitation to share the data.

Glooko have very good Help page if you are having problems (see the buttons on the right).  There's a direct link to the advice on how to set up an account here.  Please follow this guide and when you are asked for a ProConnect Code enter:


If you use a 780G pump, you can share data through the MiniMed Mobile app. This can be set up to automatically send data to CareLink. With the CareLink Connect app, family members can also see what's happening on their phone.