Greater Glasgow and Clyde Child & Adolescent Diabetes Service 

Diabetes Clinic

Sunday 4th June 2023

During the COVID 19 pandemic changes to clinic were necessary to adhere to Government and Health Board guidelines.  We wish to inform you that Diabetes Clinics will all be provided face-to-face from Monday 5 June 2023.


· All regular diabetes clinics for children and young people to be held in person (replacing remote clinics), including:

- Under 15 Years clinics: routine clinics for those Under 15 years of age.

- Adult Transition clinics: routine clinics for those 15 years of age and older, preparing for transfer to adult care.

- Review clinics: to allow more time for review and care between routine clinics.


· All attending the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Children’s and Young People’s Diabetes Service (GGC CYPDS) clinics.


· From Monday, 5 June, 2023 all clinics will be face-to-face at the locations mentioned below.


· Pandemic restrictions have now eased, and it is again safe to hold routine clinics in the 6th Floor Department.

· More and more families have expressed a preference for face to face clinics.


· West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital Under 15 and Transition clinics will return to the 6th Floor clinic rooms.

· Inverclyde Royal Hospital routine Under 15 and Transition clinics remain in the Skylark Centre on Ward L North.

· Those 15 years and over attending the Royal Alexandra Hospital Adult Transition Clinic will still be seen there.


· The WGACH 1st Floor Clinic area will now be used for other activities, such as non-clinic reviews and teaching.

· The Diabetes Team will continue to offer a flexible approach between clinics (face-to-face/video/telephone/email).

· Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of the above regarding your clinic.

"Best Ideas" for Diabetes Care...

1. Clinic isn’t the same without you!

• Clinic lets us regularly assess a young person’s growth, glucose and general health.
• On leaving clinic everyone will now be able to agree their next appointment date and time.
• If you’re not able to attend your next appointment, please let us know as soon as you can.
      - 1 in 4 patients don’t attend their scheduled appointments, increasing delay between clinics.
      - If we’re told early that you can’t make it, your space can be offered to another family.

2. Deliver your Diary, Link your Libre, Dock your Dexcom and Mind your Meter…

• Please bring to clinic as much information on your diabetes care as you can. It all helps.
• All recent Glucose results are helpful, especially if they have been high or low!
• Bring your Glucose Diary, your meter and remember to upload any devices for us to review.
      - Contact manufacturers for help to set-up or link unlinked devices.
• Insulin doses and pumps and smart pen uploads are just as important as Glucose results.
• Please remember also to bring a first-morning urine specimen to clinic.

3. Regular review really rewards results…

• Take 5 minutes each day to record and review results and doses in a diary or upload a device.
• Take 15 minutes each week to think about what has worked well and what could improve.
      - Compare results with Glucose Targets:

               Average Glucose: less than 8 mmol/l over a week.
               Time in Range: 4-10 mmol/l over 70% of time.

4. Health in Action!

• Recording readings is great, but change needs action to be taken on the results.
• If you see 3 high or low results at the same time most days, make a change or call for advice.
• A few minutes each week keeps Glucose on track and helps prevent serious health problems.

5. Who goes where when?

• Those under 16 years should attend with the parents or adults providing their diabetes care.
• Those in secondary school will be offered the opportunity to be first seen on their own and parents asked to join later.

• Those over 16 years of age may ask to have their parents or carers attend their consultation.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in clinic soon …

Contacting The Diabetes Team


                                       0141 201 0331            for routine, non-urgent enquiries

                                       0141 201 0000            for emergencies and urgent queries

(Switchboard will redirect your call as shown here)



To Change a Clinic Appointment


                                       0800 592 0870            for clinic appointments in Glasgow or Inverclyde

                                                                             or e-mail

                                       0141 314 6826            for the adult transition clinic in Paisley

                                                                             or e-mail